Turan: Civil society activists initiated a campaign to adopt an act on amnesty of a pardon order in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

The campaign was initiated by the head of the Center for Election Monitoring and Democracy Education Anar Mammadli. Signatures are collected on the platform // www.change.org

Representatives of civil society, human rights activists and political activists sent an appeal on this issue to President Ilham Aliyev.

The health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic can have even greater serious consequences for those in pre-trial detention centers and prisons.

The difficult situation actualizes the need to adopt an amnesty act to ensure the safety of life and health of those held criminally liable,” the appeal says.

Infecting someone in prisons can cause a chain reaction.

The authors believe that an amnesty act and a pardon order may concern those who have not committed crimes of great public danger, serving a sentence that is not related to imprisonment, sentenced to 3 years, women, minors, war veterans, and people over 60.

The need for pardons, persecuted for political reasons, included in the lists of human rights defenders and specified in the PACE resolution of January 30, 2020, is also noted.

Fazil Mustafa, a member of the parliamentary committee on human rights, does not consider the announcement of amnesty to be real right now, since the parliament is spending summer vacations.

However, this initiative can be implemented through a pardon order, which is the presidential exclusive responsibility.

Amnesty is adopted by parliament and this procedure is lengthy, because it must be initiated by deputies, then discussed in committees and further in plenary, Mustafa said.