Turan: On August 2, two Turkish F-16 fighters seriously frightened Armenia, flying up to the borders of this country at a distance to launch a missile strike. According to the Armenian media, Turkish planes flew in a direct course to Yerevan, and within 56 kilometers (the radius of destruction by aircraft missiles), turned back, having worked out striking the capital of Armenia.

This was reported by the Russian edition Avia.pro, according to which Turkish fighters flew in the airspace of Azerbaijan (Nakhchivan).

At the same time, at least four helicopters of the Azerbaijan Air Force and the Turkish Air Force were noticed, which approached the borders of Armenia almost point-blank, but did not violate it.

The Armenian side, represented by the Ministry of Defense, hastened to reassure the public, stating that “the information on practicing the strike on Yerevan by Turkish fighters is not true.”

Note that the Turkish and Azerbaijani Air Forces are conducting joint exercises, which are also held in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan.