After the first day of hostilities on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border in the Tovuz region, Armenian media disseminated information that their armed forces had occupied the strategic height of Garagaya in Azerbaijan. The purpose of misinformation was to spread panic among the population, since from an indicated height there is a rather large territory under direct fire. A panoramic photo allegedly made from Garagaya was published as evidence.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan refuted this message and drew attention to the fact that the date indicated date on the image (December 4, 2018) is evidence of the inaccuracy of the information.

However, the websites and YouTube channels of Armenia continue to distribute this fake. Some of them even claim that the error in the date on the pictures is not uncommon, and therefore it does not mean anything. On the background of the same image, the YouTube Channel «Новости Армении и Азербайджана» transmits: “After the provocation of the Azerbaijani side on the border … Armenian soldiers loyal to the new tactics of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia David Tonoyan captured the new enemy territory near the village of Aghdam in the Tovuz region of Azerbaijan.” And he claims that the photograph “overlooking the Tovuz region” was taken “from new positions by Armenian fighters” from the captured height.

Well, perhaps the Armenian “fighters of the information front” made a mistake with the date. But in the photo there are exact coordinates (+ 040 ° 54′32.92 ″ / 045 ° 30 ′ 50.72 ″) and the height of the place (1113m) from which it was made. This cannot be faked with the camera.

Fact-checking experts in Azerbaijan verified: whenever this photograph was taken, it was taken from Armenian territory. The map shows the exact location corresponding to the specified coordinates, as well as the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Tovuz region.

And on the second – a topographic map, which can be found even on the Internet, the heights in that zone are indicated. It is clearly seen that on the Azerbaijani side in this part of the border there is no such height. Heights over 1100 meters are located on the territory of Armenia.

Translation: Gulnara Rahimova