Turan: At the end of last week, the European Bureau of the World Health Organization delivered 4.7 million personal protective equipment kits to physicians in Azerbaijan, Belarus and Ukraine. The EU allocated funds for the project as part of helping these countries combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The UN website reports that the cargo with a total weight of 92 tons was delivered by air. In general, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Ukraine received 2.8 million medical masks, 1.3 million respirators, 100 thousand face shields, 60 thousand special glasses and 340 thousand gowns.

All the products comply with international quality standards. These tools will help protect doctors working with COVID-19 patients.

The help received – 900 thousand sets – will cover the needs of fifty Ukrainian hospitals throughout the month. 3.6 million sets of personal protective equipment were delivered to Belarus, where there are higher incidence rates, and 160,000 were delivered to Azerbaijan.

This is the first batch of humanitarian supplies delivered as part of a joint WHO-EU project. In the near future, Armenia, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova will also receive assistance. In total, over two million protection kits, laboratory kits for coronavirus infection and other items needed to fight the pandemic will be sent to these six countries of the region over two months.