Turan: The chair of the Zardob district organization of the Musavat party, Ceyhun Mammadli, was detained on June 27. In respect of him, a protocol has been drawn up on the commission of an offense under the Article  535.1 (not subordinate to the police) of the Code of Administrative Offenses, reported the party “Musavat”.

“On Saturday morning, a local police inspector and two plainclothes officers came to Mammadli’s home. They took him with them to the district police department, without explaining the reasons for this,” the representative of Musavat said.

Later, Mammadli was released from the police, but ordered on June 28 to come to court.

“The man who was taken from home is accused of not subordinating to the police …”, the representative of “Musavat” further noted.

The party believes that Mammadli is being persecuted for critical publications on social networks. It was not possible to receive comments at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.