“The juice kings” gathered in Baku to help local fruit and vegetable product producers open up to international market. Their “Eurasia Road Show” was organized by American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan (AmCham Azerbaijan) and USAID with support from the “Coca-Cola” company. International Association of Juice Industries (SGF International E.V.) and International Fruit and Vegetable Juice Association (IFU) has so far held 3 forums such as this one. Previous forums were held in Latin America (2016), Asia (2017), Africa (2018).

President of IFU Dirk Lansbergen and SGF general manager Aleksandra Heinermann has answered Press Klub’s questions.

SGF general manager Alexandra Heinermann

What is the significance of your event in Azerbaijan?

Dirk Lansbergen: This is the first time we as IFU have come to Baku, Azerbaijan.  It is very important to have members from all countries in the world so that we can best represent the juice industry in international institutions.  We have no members from Azerbaijan. This is our first chance to talk to people and try to find a new member that can help us defend the interests of the juice industry in the world.

Alexandra Heinermann: Yes, it’s our first time here in Azerbaijan. We decided to come here because Azerbaijan is emerging market for juices as we learned. We hope this is going to be a very successful event.

– What will these Forum and workshop give to local producers?

Dirk Lansbergen: One of the biggest advantages is that there is a lot of exchange of information, we have vast knowledge in our association and in SGF as well which is something the local producers are missing. The chance to use that information is probably very beneficial to the producers. On top of that, this is also a networking event where you get to meet people and know who to ask the questions. Institutions like IFU and SGF have global networks that can help with this.

Alexandra Heinermann: What we would like to transfer is knowledge, general knowledge about juices, but also very detailed knowledge on analytical methods, on how to process, what is required regarding quality and authenticity in the world, why is food safety so important, how can we avoid food fraud in the future, how can we make sure that all their market participants compete on the same level.