The online edition of Bestyle graced the cover of the February issue with the photograph of the Turkish actress Nesrin Javadzadeh. The magazine has been published since 2013, and the main topics are the style and the lifestyle of famous people, movie and show business stars. 

“The guest of our February issue managed to gain popularity and be remembered by her participation in many projects. She successfully plays roles in series and in films. Moved to Turkey in her childhood, she was able to bewitch everyone. Our guest with a special and a very beautiful name is Nesrin. She’s as meticulous in her personal life as she is in acting. It is impossible not to envy her, considering her increasing collection of awards. We talked about philosophy of life and about future projects. In addition to all, our conversation turned out to be very sincere.”- this is how the magazine announces the interview with Nesrin Javadzadeh, the Turkish actress of Azerbaijani origin. 

The premiere of the new Turkish film “Aşk tesadüfleri sever 2” (“Love likes coincidences 2”) took place on the 29th of January in Istanbul. The leading female role in the film was played by Nesrin Javadzadeh. 

In an exclusive interview with “Zerkalo”, the actress shares her impressions: “Despite the fact that the first movie “Aşk tesadüfleri sever” was shot long ago, the Turkish audience remembers and admires this film. Therefore, it was very exciting to see how the second one would be accepted. But the professional work of the whole cast: the director, the screenwriter, and the actors- was not wasted. The movie is successful. At any rate, the Turkish media write so. The film has been in the theatres in Turkey since 31st of January.” Nesrin also shared another piece of news: all the songs in the movie she performs herself. “I have sang in theatrical performances several times, even played the accordion. Singing in a play is one thing, but in a film… I was very nervous. For several months, I took lessons in vocals. Even “performed” on the sly several times for my relatives from Baku. My confidence came after my vocal teacher said: “Girl, you have chosen the wrong profession. Start singing, release an album.” (laughs- author notes).

You can watch the clip and listen to one of the songs here: 

The presentation of the film will take place in almost all major cities of Turkey: Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Eskisheher, Antalya, Adana, Mersin, and on 4 February in Paris. Nesrin says that due to her busy schedule she is not able to attend the presentations, but she will definitely break out to Paris.

The actress is currently starring in the series “Yasak elma”. By the way, it’s her first time playing an antagonist role. “I have been wanting to try out a new role for a long time. Basically, all my heroes are independent, very positive women with strong character. I’ve been wanting to star in a negative role for a long time.Finally, I had such an opportunity. Shahikha( the name of the character in the series) is very tricky and sly, I do not like her, but I enjoy playing the “bad girl”. Unfortunately, the audience does not always realize that my image in the film and does not represent the real me. There are a lot of negative comments, at some point I even thought about giving up the role. But then I realized, if I managed to make this many people hate Shahikha, then I must have acted well.”( laughs- author notes)

When asked if the “Aşk tesadüfleri sever 2” was planned to be shown in Baku, Nesrin said there was not such a proposal so far. 

Translation: Gulnara Rahimova