Journalist Afghan Mukktarli was previously sentenced to 6 years in prison. His lawyer Nemat Karimli recently posted an update on social networks about Mukhtarli’s health condition. He stresses the importance of reminding the government about Mukhtarli’s release and keeping it in public attention.

“Afgan Mukhtarli whom I have been defending the rights of, is suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. Despite penitentiary medics monitoring his health, they talk neither to him nor me about the situaton. His health issues are most likely very serious.

NGOs, political and public activists, even the government would leak information on a decree of pardon to be signed by the president for the release of political prisoners back then, but even that now has “fallen out of fashion”. A few days later, more precisely October 18 is the Restoration of State Independence Day. Releasing Afgan Mukhtarli and the other political prisoners on this holiday would be a perfect holiday gift for their families.

It’s good for this issue to be kept in our government’s and society’s attention on this holiday.”

Afghan Muktharli’s colleagues with whom he lately has partnered on media projects Arif Aliyev, Elchin Shikli, Gulu Maharramli and Mehman Aliyev support his lawyers call and urge the public to do the same. Journalists ask the government to take the step on this holiday of State Independency and assure that this will also help stabilize the situation in the country.