Two days ago certain mass media outlets leaked phone conversations of an opposition party leader with the US embassy and EU Delegation members. Unaware of their actions and lack of illegality of this incident, journalists anxiously demanded state organisations to “take urgent measures”.

No doubt, this would cause a diplomatic scandal for Azerbaijan because it would mean both opposition leaders’ and foreign delegations’ phone calls are being monitored. However, it is up to the government organizations to investigate that aspect of this issue, for these media outlets could only have obtained the mentioned secret voice recordings from the officials and published under clear instructions from them. We, on the other hand, would like to mention how crudely these journalists broke the principles of professionalism. Only two days ago the president noted how the government officials have turned media into a tool of “kompromat (compromising material) wars”. But, this disgraceful matter showed that the scope of this issue goes beyond the inner conflict in between government officials. This not only shows the state of media management, but, also the quality of journalism and how it has become a “tool of political requisition”. This is not the first time something like this happened and speaking from experience, we would also like to anxiously state that without “urgent measures” there will be more to follow.

Elchin Shikli, Arif Aliyev