Media monitoring conducted in connection with the parliamentary elections showed what kind of crisis Azerbaijani journalism is in. The media failed to fulfill the important obligation to comprehensively inform the population of the country and create conditions for pluralism of opinions during major political campaigns. TV channels actually refused to perform this task. In anticipation of the election, most active users of social networks used them for one-sided propaganda and black PR, and only a small part of the media as a platform for wide discussion. On election day, journalists played an important role in identifying violations of the law at polling stations. However, they did not always adhere to the principles of journalism, showed excessive emotionality, addiction, sometimes even interfered in the election process.

After elections in social networks, the flow of insulting appeals and articles does not stop, in which, because of certain representatives of a particular profession, the whole people are humiliated. An inferiority complex is instilled into the nation.

Media is not able to protect the interests of voters, and even the rights of their colleagues, journalists. During the election process and especially after them, many of our colleagues were attacked and beaten. During the dispersal of the picket in front of the Central Election Commission, several journalists were seriously injured. Instead of investigating revealed facts, state bodies preferred their denial. There was not a single journalist organization in the country capable of protecting the rights of journalists.

All this testifies to the fact that today our journalism continues to go through difficult times. The political pressure and the restrictions introduced in recent years have led the press to lose many of their professional skills, moving away from public interests, and becoming advocates of the interests of individual groups. This cannot but bother. At the same time, a network of once-powerful journalistic organizations was destroyed. Therefore, the resignation of one or two senior officials responsible for this does not change the situation.

The dynamic development of processes in the world, in the region and within the country shows that in the future Azerbaijan will face new challenges and challenges. In order to be ready for their implementation, it is necessary to take appropriate steps, including enhancing the role of the media in society. Important work must be done to train new journalist staff, to restore media independence, and to protect the rights of journalists.

We urge the journalistic community of the country and the leading state bodies of the country to establish a dialogue to join efforts in this direction.

Press Klub